How to place a wholesale order with Materia Rica

In this guide, you will find all the information you need to sell Materia Rica: from how to place your orders to how to convey the Materia Rica essence and advantages.

> Materia Rica Catalogue

> Pricelist

> Excel order template

> Wholesale Sales Conditions

Use these documents to view the updated catalogue and make a list of products for your purchase. Also, here you can see the exhibitors' brochures available and the conditions to purchase them with your shopping:

If you want to place your first order, we will need some information:

- Fill out this form if you bill in the UK.  

- Fill out this form if you bill in Europe.

- Fill out this form if you bill in Spain.

When we have created your user, we will send you a confirmation email where you will be told how to create your first password and how to reset it, in addition to a Link to the Order Manager.

Once inside the Order Manager, place your order quickly. When we receive your order, we will confirm it by email, as we usually do.

Guide on how to use our B2B platform.

Video on how an order is placed within the Order Manager ( TBC) 

Your order in less than five days and 30 days to pay it.

From the very moment we issue the order confirmation it will take less than five days to be ready and sent to your destination and you will have thirty days to pay (*). Your satisfaction is very important for us, so we will be in direct contact with you to knowhow your experience has been.

(*) If it is your first purchase you will have to make the payment so that we confirm your order and from your second order on, you can enjoy 30 days until making your payment.

If you are already a regular user, you should already have your username and password. If you need to reset your password, you can do it here.

If you want to place an order and have a question please, send us an email to and someone from our friendly team will attend you in person.

Promotional material on jewellery Materia Rica

We have graphic material you can use in your social networks and on your website: still life photos and with models of each Materia Rica piece making your communications more attractive. To make available them for you, you just must ask us via email.

Remember that whenever you use the photographs, we provide you, you must give us the credit, for example with a footer saying: Photography by @materiarica.

If you publish our pieces in Social Networks, remember to tag them @materiarica. In the Materia Rica Guide for Social Networks you will find a list of hashtags and promotional tips.

Promotional material on the Materia Rica brand

When you want to tell your customers about your collaboration with Materia Rica, you can share the brand history and other materials such as logos and texts, which will help you communicate the essence of Materia Rica. Please remember to tag us on social networks, so we can help you give visibility to your publications.

Technical information on our materials and processes

Our main materials are Walnut wood with FSC certificate, manufactured in Lleida by our trusted carpenter; and metals produced in the Balearic Islands, nickel-free and totally antiallergic. The paint and varnish are skin-friendly.
The wooden plates are painted and laser-carved in our workshop in Barcelona. After completing the paint finishes, the metal parts are assembled and prepared in cardboard boxes with an attractive pad, ready for your orders.

Top Tips to sell Materia Rica

In our years of experience selling Materia Rica, we have learned there are some sales arguments serving to connect with the customer and accompany him in his purchase decision process.
We are committed to the  collaboration we establish with you, so we want to share the ideas that have given us better results so that you can also use them when presenting the Materia Rica jewels to your customers: both in social networks and on direct sales in your shop.

Create a Materia Rica space within your business

We have realized that to create a powerful visual impact on the public, the visual unity when presenting the brand is very important. The greater the visual impact, the more sales!

Explore the Catalogue of wooden exhibitors we have designed to create your Materia Rica space and find the one that best suits your business needs. In addition, in your digital platforms, you can also display Materia Rica products in an attractive way using promotional materials.

Select and sell your story

The variety of jewels you will find in the Materia Rica catalogue will allow you to adapt the stock to each time of the year and also according to your specific needs by themes, colours or styles.

It works very well for us to promote scheduled collections. For example, summer is an ideal time to sell the Sea Side and Sea Garden collections, while close to Valentine's Day, the Little Doves collection is generally well-received. If you want to know more about the inspiration behind each piece or collection, we invite you to review the descriptive and inspirational texts of each collection.

We take care of our jewel’s presentation

The presentation packaging of our jewels is designed to create a pleasant customerexperience. Each piece is presented in a box, with an illustrated card in which thecollection is presented and with a product care advice card.

Materia Rica in two sentences (exhibitor support) Cover Letter Exhibitor for the presentation of the Materia Rica brand

Use the presentation display of the Materia Rica brand as an aid in your conversationwith customers. With its logos and clear messages, it will be easier than ever tocommunicate to your customers what Materia Rica is: 

"Jewels illustrated by artists and produced by hand in our workshop in Barcelona. Our raw material is sustainable walnut wood painted with vibrant colours and our goal is foreach person to find the jewel that tells his story."

Materia Rica is DESIGN

We collaborate with artists and illustrators who bring their own creative universe transformed into Materia Rica jewels.

Sustainable jewels

The wood of jewels and exhibitors comes from sustainable forests and the energy we consume from renewable sources. We work to improve our processes and materials, since minimising our impact on the planet is a priority objective for us.

We produce your jewels by hand and on a small scale

Within our workshop, each piece goes through the hands of different people who
prepare the raw materials that will become jewels: they paint, assemble, package and label them to get the gift that you are going to sell.

Local production

We are committed to local production, and therefore we consciously choose the suppliers and materials we need to create the Materia Rica jewels. For example, the wood we use is prepared by our carpenter from Lleida, and the metals are made in theBalearic Islands.

Quality commitment

We research to improve our products continually for adapting them to your needs.

Some examples below:

- In the beginning, our necklaces had only one extending chain. Now we have modified our necklaces; we have included a double ring, to adjust the chain size comfortably.

- Throughout our years of experience, we have improved the structural wood shape to achieve a more resistant, flexible and long-lasting material made from walnut. Thus, we have achieved a unique material we use in all our pieces.