Walking towards a more sustainable everyday

Walking towards a more sustainable everyday

The sustainability of our processes and the materials we use is one of our main concerns since we founded Materia Rica. Because of this, we are super excited to tell you more about our new postal boxes and tote bags. Do you want to know why?


From the end of the summer we have been working with Kartox, a packaging company located a few kilometres away from Barcelona. They produce from now all the packing blue boxes we use on our shipments.

Since November all your orders containing more than one product are presented with this new look. We love it because the presentation is much more us / Materia Rica, the branded colour, the recycled and recyclable material and the fact that it is made so close from our workshop. We feel this helps bonding stronger links with our local suppliers and gets us closer to our sustainable goals.

Our friends from Kartox took a few pictures of their production line showing how these little boxes were made! Aren’t they cool these super huge machines!?

We can’t wait to see your photos with them under the Xmas trees during this season.

During the same time of the year, and just a few meters away from our workshop, we worked with Jenni from 43hilos Workshop on our first tote bag ever! Designed by Joan & Marta, this is the first tote bag ever made by Materia Rica. Having Jenni so close to the workshop allowed them to create and design very comfortably. She’s a colour and technique expert! so we took all her recommendations on board and came up with this design.

The bags finished and materials were chosen very consciously and that’s why they are made with 100% organic cotton and holding the official GOTS & FAIRTRADE labels.

We hope you love these pictures of the process. From the colour mix to the final touches, all made in the neighbourhood. Thank you Jenni!

If you want to get one of the 100 Limited Edition Materia Rica Tote, you can buy it here / on our website. Also, you can get it for free with an order worth 80 euros or more. Hurry to get yours as they are flying away!

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