Interview with Lisa Junius Blue colour, women, and nature.

Interview with Lisa Junius Blue colour, women, and nature.

Lisa Junius at her workshop interview by Materia Rica

- Hi Lisa Tell us about your work, what inspires you? 

- My work is all about the blue colour, women, and nature. I’m inspired by folk tales, mythology, all magical things, and never-the-less so true.

The night painting by Lisa Junius- What do you try to express with your work? What perspective is particularly yours? 

- I’m trying to create visions that express a certain calmness and at the same time, strength. Mostly it is about the strength within, our inner power, our magic. Blue is the perfect color for that. Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky and of the universe, it’s very deep, constant, and calm. I see it as the color of our mind. It represents the unconscious and all that is created within.

The moon painting in blue by Lisa Junius

- Tell us about artists that you admire and why?

- Since I visited the Tarot Garden by Niki de Saint Phalle, she’s my number one. Other favorites are Marc Chagall or Sandro Botticelli. Lately, I’m very inspired by so-called folk artists, outsider art, and naïve art. I have a Master's degree in Fine Arts, but I long to create as freely as if I’ve never had any education at all.

 Tarot Garden by Niki de Saint Phalle

Section of a painting by Marc Chagall

- What motivates you to draw the world around you? 

- For me, it’s really about the creation itself. Creating something with my hands reminds me that I’m part of this world.

Potion ceramic pots with flowers by Lisa Junius

- What made you start illustrating and designing?

- Although I’m doing a lot of different things, I love illustrating and designing products and collections. I think it is a way of putting your art on something accessible. Not everybody can afford or even likes canvases or murals, so jewelry, mugs, stationery, and so on is a great way to have some art in your life.

Mural painting by Lisa Junius with a woman playing a flute

- Do you remember about the first time you saw our creations ( Materia Rica )? What did you think?

- Yes of course I remember! The first thing that came into my mind is how great it is to have jewelry and illustration combined, and that in such nice material. Materia Rica is a very original brand, and even if you work with different artists, every collection is recognizable as your brand.

 Full moon earrings by Lisa Junius and Materia Rica

- Can you tell us a moment in your career that made you feel super empowered as a creator?

- To me, it’s not really about the career. I’m mostly very empowered when I get an idea stuck in my head, had no idea how to do it, and made it anyway. They are mostly personal projects, for example, I created a rug and sculptural furniture without any instructions and I’m really proud of that.

 Lisa Junius at her ceramic's studio

- What’s your dream design achievement? 

- I always love to work on very different things, with different materials and purposes. Designing a wooden jewelry collection was so cool! At the moment, one of my dreams would be to publish an illustrated children’s book. 

Lisa Junius holding moon dish at her studio

- What pieces created with Materia Rica do you feel most identified and why?

- I'm really happy with the whole COSMIC GIRL collection. There're five pieces in total and if I had to choose one, I would go for the Universe in your Head Earrings. The way they are floating really translates the vibe of my art I think.

Universe in your Head earrings by Lisa Junius and Materia Rica


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