My little creatures became alive!

My little creatures became alive!

Gemma Bordes artist in her workshop

- Hi Gemma, Tell us about your work, what inspires you?

- Honestly, I’m quite chaotic when it comes to my creative process; I spend a lot of my time drawing cats and drawing faces in everyday objects. I’m a food lover too, so everything breakfast related inspires me a lot, that's why I really enjoy creating new characters based on my regular diet ;) My own cat, cat videos on Youtube and my favourite cartoons Adventure Time are also a great source of ideas when I’m trying to create something new.

Gemma Bordes work illustrated print

- What do you try to express with your work? What perspective is particularly yours?
- I guess I try to express a mix of cheeky attitude and cuteness with my illustrations, something that looks soft and cute but with a funny undertone.

Gemma Bordes illustration print nature

- Tell us about artists that you admire and why?
- I love the art of Elli vs Bear, she creates a wonderful fantastic worlds full of weird and cute creatures that transport you to a colorful imaginary universe. She also draws all kinds of animals which are my favourite subjects to draw as well.

- What motivates you to draw the world around you?
- I just draw because it is something I love to do, It relaxes me and also I hope It bring some happiness to the people who sees and buys my creations.

Gemma Bordes Bannana Dog Illustration

- What made you start illustrating and designing?
- Since I was a kid I had a natural ability in crafts and drawing… or at least I guess so. But, for some strange reason, I decided to start a career in Criminology ( I was watching to much C.S.I at the time ) to do something more socially accepted than being drawing around.
Few years after finishing my studies ( and having no success at all in finding my path ) I had the opportunity to join my sister's wall sticker design company Made of Sundays in Helsinki, Finland, it was then when I realized that illustrating was my thing. With no background in design or illustration whatsoever, I started to learn a lot with the help of the company’s great designers.

- Do you remember about the first time you saw our creations ( Materia Rica )? What did you think?
- I have never had the chance to create a jewellery collection before, so I was super excited about it.
And when I saw the first prototypes...OMG! My little creatures were alive! I was used to create stickers all the time, printed flat stuff… and having something 3D ( the earrings and necklaces ) in my hands was a totally new and fulfilling experience for me.

Mers Lemon earrings with Gemma Bordes sustainable fruits

- Can you tell us a moment in your career that made you feel super empowered as a creator?
It was in my first trade market with Made of Sundays, when I started to see the feedback of the people who bought my creations, appreciated my art and told me how much they loved it.

- What’s your dream design achievement?
- I don’t really put goals in my life, my anthem is “ no expectations “ then everything good that comes is a true surprise. But if I have to answer, I guess I would really like to illustrate a children's book someday.

- What pieces created with Materia Rica do you feel most identified and why?

- What a difficult question! If I would need to choose one design on each of my collections;

FURRY BUDDIES Collection: I would go for the Hanging Cat Earrings. I'm a professional cat lover and I just adore the movement and gesture of this piece.

EAT YOUR VEGGIES Collection: I'd choose the Mrs Orange Earrings with no doubt. From the first moment I sketched this concept I felt in love with the fatty faced orange. Real orange love at first sight.

Mrs Orange earrings by Gemma Bordes sustainable fruits

Hanging Cat earrings and playful cat necklace

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