Metals we use on our findings

Metals we use on our findings

Hypoallergenic metal earring making

In Materia Rica we’ve been working hard during the last few years in order to find the best metals for our jewellery. We are happy to tell you more about them as they are safe, hypoallergenic and manufactured in Mallorca.

What metals do we use? 

Our metal parts are made of brass with an external coat made of an alloy containing silver & gold amongst other metals. This outer coat is what gives our pieces different finishes, colours and textures.

Brass is a zinc and copper alloy and it’s particularly characterised for its resistant and durable properties. 

 Each piece is coated with various technical baths, they can go from 3 to 8 baths depending on the model. These are electrolytic coverings and they provide a very uniform and high quality finish. 


Is Materia Rica jewellery safe to wear? 

In order to lighten and brighten up metal colours many manufacturers use nickel in their alloys. Nickel is an effective and economic metallic element and a 15% of the global population is allergic to it. This is why we don’t use neither nickel, nor cadmium nor lead or any other heavy metal. Thanks to the selection and great quality of our metals, we can say that all our pieces are hypoallergenic. 


Are the metal pieces manufactured in a sustainable way? 

Each and every single piece of the metals we use is manufactured under a strict european regulation called REACH ( Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals ). This evaluates and controls the manufacturing process and residues and their administration. It is very important for us to be sure that our suppliers care about the environment and this is why we work with a local manufacturer that we trust. 

Hypoallergenic metal gold platted hook

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