Laia Papió, fashion and sustainability

Laia Papió, fashion and sustainability

For us, Laia Papió is an exceptional store not only for her excellent work (also), but mainly because it was the first store to contact us to sell our jewels when we arrived in Barcelona. So, for us, Laia Papió is like a welcoming hug.

This entrepreneur learned to sew next to her grandmother and began to grow in her a concern leading her to study fashion design devoting herself to the sector with passion. Now Laia designs and makes garments using fabrics from the series end of large companies.


Recycling surplus fabrics from the industry help generate resources from a material that would be discarded, minimising the ecological impact of textile production. If we consider the Textile Industry is the second most polluting of our planet, only behind the Oil Industry, we can conclude that Laia Papió store is the type should exist in every corner of our city. A place where the design and responsibility go hand in hand to create unique products caring for our planet.

It is a pleasure Laia Papió sells our necklaces and earrings Materia Rica in her store, and it is a pleasure to participate together in projects as essential for sustainable consumption as Yo Regalo Talento Local.

If you want to pamper yourself with quality and durable pieces of clothing, or if you want to know more about this much-needed project, we encourage you to visit this store at Carrer de Sant Pere Més Baix, 45.

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