Interview with Susie Hammer: I dedicate my works to the kids

Interview with Susie Hammer: I dedicate my works to the kids

Susie Hammer Artist portrait


- Hi Susie, tell us about your work, what inspires you? 

- My work is to draw and paint. I mainly work with children`s illustrations for editorial publications. In most cases, I illustrate and sometimes I write the contents too.
The inspiration might come from any everyday story, a casual encounter which later I explain trough simple shapes and vivid colours. My style is very naif and colourful. 

Susie Hammer Children's book publication


- What do you try to express with your work? What perspective is particularly yours? 

While drawing, I have lots of fun and I hope my audience perceives this joy. I try to create a work which is pleasant, cheerful and that makes you get a smile. I find humor to be super important!

Susie Hammer Book editorial design


- Tell us about artists that you admire and why?

- Misaki Kawai is my favourite artist, she's a Japanese painter and sculptor. When I grow old, I would love to be like her. Her works are great fun and charming and at the same time, I find them sincere and clean.
If I was to choose a rather classic artist, this would be Henri Matisse, the colour and form master.

 Misaki Kawai portrait


- What motivates you to draw the world around you? 

I dedicate my works to the kids; on one hand to the little children, and on another, to the young beings within adults. I find the motivation to create my drawings as I really appreciate the opportunity to show my own perspective through my work of art. 

Susie Hammer Book Sardine page open


- What made you start illustrating and designing?

I draw since I was a little girl and I just never stop doing it. To be honest, I never thought I would be able to transform my passion into my profession. I feel really very lucky.  

Susie Hammer painting with an orange brush


- Can you tell us a moment in your career that made you feel super empowered as a creator?

Sure I have one! This was in 2018, when I had the chance to design an exhibition at Centro Párraga, in Murcia / Spain. It was an interactive exhibition within a large hall at a contemporary art center. I felt really empowered and I loved the fact that children were able to play, run, and have fun within that space and the context I created. 

Susie Hammer Wall painting pencil illustration


- What’s your dream design achievement? 

- I would love to design a cereal box ( for a healthy and vegan brand ). Breakfast is my favourite daily ritual and I find that cereal boxes are one of those objects that are there with you every day.
One day, I would love to work with the museum PLAY! in Tokio and create my own crazy installation. 

Susie Hammer Flower illustration


- What pieces created with Materia Rica do you feel most identified and why?

I would definitely go for the Fluffy Fred earrings. I find them really cute and love the way they move their little heads. They remind me of the dog moving head toy many people have at the back of their car. 

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