My creative engine is nature

My creative engine is nature

FOU, young ceramist from Catalonia

-   Hello, Rosa. Tell us about your work, what does inspire you?

-   I am an artist who works with ceramics, painting and drawing, creating my language and symbology to talk about nature, landscape, women and the connection of all these elements with each other. From the observation of my landscape and the necessary experiences from a feminist perspective, I create a magical symbolism linked to the idea of ancestral memory and pagan mysticism. Elements such as fire, the river, wildlife, home and spiritual ascent through nature are very present in my work. Essential features for human life, of which we are part and with whom the link and memory have been torn away.

 Ceramic dishes with eye drawing in yellow colours. By FOU.

-   What do you want to express with your work? What is your own perspective?

-   My creative engine is nature, but nature as a form of resistance, as a memory, as a claim of a past in balance, harmony and respect for the environment. Looking for the most ancestral, essential forms, I try to represent that eternal and profound life on Earth, that which really matter to me. I intend to investigate in the depths of consciousness to try to show that it is finally nature that governs our lives, which form an unexpected whole where every one of our actions is connected. All this, in turn, is impregnated with magic, which for me is life's poetry, the storytelling, the myth connecting all things and that is inherent to life.

 -   Tell us about artists you admire, and why do you admire them?

 -   It is a bit complicated to mention the artists that inspire me because they are too many. We drink from everywhere, and this is the wonder of culture and creation. Literature, movies and music inspire me. In the field of plastic arts, I adore many people: Paul Klee, Kiki Smith, Carol Rama, David Hockney, Ana Mendieta, the col·lectiu CoBrA, Matisse, Richard Long, Alexander Calder, Louise Bourgeoise and a very long etcetera. I also admire artists around me, companions, acquaintances and friends who speak from the heart. I admire them because I think they are artists who work from honesty and viscerally, doing what they feel inside them to transform reality.

-   What motivates you to draw the world around you?

 -   My primary motivation to create is my emptiness, the pain, the stab in my heart I often feel when I observe the world surrounding me. I look for art in the balance of space, struggle, memory and vindication, both within me and in the world. I have a mystical relationship with my work, and everything I do is born from a desire for personal and collective transformation. I don't know if I get it, but I try. 

 Illustration of sacred symbologies, by Rosa Satoca, FOU, in red on yellow.


-   What made you start illustrating and designing?

-   I guess it was a natural process, a path of small steps that made me find myself, feel that this makes me feel good and that I can do it. I started studying Fine Arts a bit by chance. I wanted to do design initially, but I thought that Fine Arts would give me a base to do what I wanted to do later, and that's how it was. Then I studied a HDTC at the Massana School, where I had the first contact with ceramics and where after a while the one who is now my creative engine, FOU, was born. Once you find what you want to talk about and how you want to do it, the road opens in front of you.

 -   Do you remember the first time you saw our creations? What did you think of?

 -   Yes, I saw them after we met in a designers’ and artisans’ market. I thought it was an exciting, close and careful project. The pieces were natural, warm, and the collections very beautiful and stylish. The balance between art and design that many brands look for a position in Gracia small workshop.

 -   Can you tell us about a moment in your career that made you feel super empowered as a creator?

-   What makes you feel better as a creator is to be able to work on this, to feel the people recognition and that they value your work. These are small moments that add up and keep you trusting yourself and what you do. Every project that I do, that goes well, and that makes me happy, makes grow confidence and motivation to go on, which is not always easy to feel.

 Composition of blue and white tiles, by Rosa Satoca, FOU.

-   Is there any creative goal you dream with?

- I would like to make a large-format that works for public space. I have been working on a set of small murals for an artistic project, which is also in my neighbourhood, and I would very much like to do such a project annually. At the same time, I hope to be able to enter some artistic residency soon, where I can focus on developing my work surrounded by more artists and in a different environment than usual. If it is in nature, it would already be idyllic. I think these are my goals for this year.

 Installation in the public space with illustration by Rosa Satoca, FOU.

-   Which piece of the MAGIC NATURE collection do you feel most identified with?

-   It is challenging to choose a piece since they all are an essential part of my universe and transmit a lot of my life engines, but one of the pieces I like the most is the BLAZING FIRE brooch, so the fire represents in general and also for me. Fire is the destruction of what we don't want, the revolution, the paradigm shift. At the same time, it is the rebirth, that new and clean, start over. Burn for destroying and to be reborn.

Wooden brooch in the shape of red fire on a white circle.

 Model wearing wooden necklace representing the moon phases

Pendientes Feeling The Light, que representan una mano tocando la luz. Están hechos de madera y pintados de color blanco y llevan un gancho de color dorado.

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